The podere Grecchi vineyards

The land of Tuscia lies within a wide territory extending to the far north of theLazio region; The presence of the currently extinct volcanoes has given rise to a very varied territory both for climate and for edaic characteristics of the land.

For centuries the volcanoes have been experienced as a source of devastation and death, today, the farmers have the opportunity to cultivate vine on lava fields from the unrivaled mineral richness that make grapes an exclusive complexity.

To get the most out of it, it is not enough a great territory and an excellent lava nature, but it is important to have a careful and constant work. Our native vines have struggled for millennia to adapt to these territories and today varieties such as Grechetto and Rossetto have proven to be able to adapt magnificently thanks to the wise work of peasants who for generations handed down the art of cultivating the best grapes, respecting a magical and uncontaminated nature.

The podere Grecchi vineyards extend over an area of 11 hectares. The erosion of the earth over the centuries has caused the volcanic soil to appear on the upper part and there is a clay limestone mat in the erosion. This characteristic, along with the particular micro-climate of the valleys along the Tiber River, gives the wines a remarkable aromatic elegance.

The vineyards


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